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Chile , Sunday 12 July 2020

News Chile Coronavirus: Chile copper industry largely unscathed by coronavirus - minister

Published on: Wednesday 29 April 2020
Chile copper industry largely unscathed by coronavirus - minister
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Mining minister Baldo Prokurica, in an interview with Emol TV, credited both public and private measures aimed at protecting workers with the industry´s resilience even as the virus has ravaged other parts of Chile´s economy. "One realizes that Chile has been one of the countries that will be least

News Chile Coronavirus: Chile drought causing water shortage amidst coronavirus crisis

Published on: Sunday 05 April 2020
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Years of resource exploitation and lax legislation have allowed most reservoirs in that part of the country to run dry.

News Chile Coronavirus: Chile announces $2 billion fund to benefit informal workers amid coronavirus outbreak

Published on: Wednesday 08 April 2020
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Chilean President Sebastian Pinera on Wednesday announced a fresh $2 billion fund to help support the country´s informal workers as the coronavirus outbreak continues to batter the South American ...

News Chile Coronavirus: Chile doctors fear complacency over Covid-19 after initial successes

Published on: Thursday 09 April 2020
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The country’s mortality rate from the disease is low but frontline staff say public hospitals are unprepared for rise in cases ...